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Photo Booth

FlashBox Photo Booth is bringing the classic nostalgia back to your event. This classic black photo booth is a step-in booth that offers vintage flair with a modern touch to bring back the kid in all of your guests! Customizable in many ways, this booth will always flatter any event theme.

How do my guests use the photo booth?

It’s simple! All you do is step inside, use the prompted video to choose the layout of black & white, color, or sepia. Then; sit back, have fun, laugh hard, and pose silly while you take your four photos.

What is required of the guests to enjoy the booth?

Nothing at all, the booth is fully paid for in advance and includes unlimited photos for your event. All your guest need is a goofy smile.

How long do photos take to print and when do we get the photo strips?

The photo strips print within 30 seconds of taking the photos. The booth prints out a double print (which is perforated), one for your guest and one for your scrapbook. If no album is chosen then each guest receives a photo strip. All packages include a cd with digital images of entire event.

How many people fit in the booth?

We have fit up to 5 faces in a photo.

What does the booth look like and what is it made of?

Our booth is an all black aluminum framed booth with a choice of color curtain and the option to cover up to 2 sides with custom designed posters for your event. Also, FlashBox features an interior and exterior LCD screen to view your guest’s goofy pose with an instant replay setting.

How do I reserve FlashBox for my event?

Contact a FlashBox Representative to find the perfect package for your event.  Make a 40% non-refundable deposit and sign a contract to reserve your date.

What is required for the booth to maneuver to the event location?

FlashBox photo booth is maneuvered by two casters (wheels) capable of most interior obstacles. This booth cannot be moved across grass, dirt, or gravel in any circumstances. Due to the booths size and weight an elevator must be required for all events that are not with a ramp to access location. It is required for the client to provide access for our booth that is 33.75” x 70” x 28” collapsed while moving and 33.75” x 85.5” x 65.5” when open for event. (W x H x L).

Can this booth be used for an outside event?

Yes, as long as there is a stable flat surface to support the booth. Although, if weather is disagreeable the booth will need coverage from all elements to ensure optimal performance and safety of booth and guests. Also, this booth requires a standard outlet 110- 220 volt.

What areas does FlashBox service?

FlashBox Photo Booth serves most of Southern California. This includes but is not limited to the Inland Empire and Orange County. Our services include a free delivery to your location up to 60 miles each way. Anything over 120 miles round-trip requires an additional mileage fee possibly the option of overnight stay accommodations after the event. Further traveling requires additional fees to be handled by FlashBox representative. Please call (909) 996-4797 for more information.

What is the color Sepia?

Sepia is the color between black & white and color. The photo will print in a brown & gray scale. Some would say when photos are printed in sepia they remind them of vintage cowboy pictures.

What is a Social Network Code?

The Social Network Code is included in the Silver and Gold Packages. This special code is printed on every photo strip. It allows your guest to type the code in on the link provided with the code and view their photo strip for future printing. Also, you can use this code to upload the photo strip to social networks. This feature can be turned off. Example; Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.

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